Download Android Studio 2020 Latest for Windows

Android Studio combines an intuitive and robust environment introduced by Google for the development of advanced Android applications. It is a costless program that is well decked out with the twenty-first-century gears required for developing and debugging the cutting-edge apps. The recent upgrade features a more versatile and integrated architecture along with some other significant revisions to the intelligent code editor.

Android Studio is the only optimum tool in its category. With the top-notch features and smoother operations, it hits on the nail when practised with adept hands. The most novel thing about this program is that it allows the user to monitor the changes visually, it displays the changes made to the application on the side of the screen.

Android Studio 4.0 Download

Download Android Studio 4.0 [32-Bit]
Direct WPC Download

Program Details
Setup Name:
Size on Disk: 770 MB (807,788,544 bytes).
Official: Android Studio.  [Freeware]
Editor’s Ratings:
Compatibility: Windows 10/8/7 (32-Bit)..

DownloadAndroid Studio 4.0 [64-Bit]
Direct WPC Download

Program Details
Setup Name: android-studio-ide-193.6514223-windows.exe
Size on Disk: 871 MB (914,018,304 bytes).
Official: Android Studio.  [Freeware]
Editor’s Ratings:
Compatibility: Windows 10/8/7 (64-Bit)..

The Kotlin has been promoted to the new version, various other features and tools have been elevated, R8 praising of ProGuard rules has also been revamped for a more satisfying experience. Conjointly, the bug fixes comprise of a huge tabulation, several issues have been resolved including the crashes that were encountered during fragment transitions while using the profilers, also the debugger crash is no longer the matter of contention.

From now on the compiler will now bestow tools annotations from the base project. Hence the latest edition has been upgraded on a bigger amplitude, you can say that all these enhancements will facilitate the programs with the nonpareil development opportunities.

What’s More?

As soon as the developer makes changes, minor or drastic they can be viewed promptly. The app provides the means for the optimization of the Android applications, debugging, designing, testing, compatibility check for both version and hardware of the apps.

With an eminently facile interface (that includes drag and drops features) the program makes itself an uncomplicated and user-friendly suite for the developers. The layout has been designed triumphantly as it is absolutely uncluttered, consisted of separate columns and tabs.

The robust code editing characteristics make it stand out with the modernized code analysis, completion, it proficiently builds the apps for almost every Android gadget, so far so good. In order to install the Android studio, it is mandatory to have the Android’s Software Developer Kit installed beforehand, also the Java Developer Kit is compulsory to get going.

What’s New?

  • Various bug fixes are the part of this latest edition.
  • R8 parsing of the ProGuard rules has been enhanced.
  • Augmented template support for various devices and Google Services.
  • Android Studio was crashing during fragment transitions this issue has been resolved now.
  • Multiple ZIP files couldn’t be read by D8, again this is no longer the source of apprehension as it has been fixed.
  • Compiler utilizes the tools annotations from the base project on the requirement.
  • Bundle Kotlin has been upgraded.

Striking Features Are:

  • Emulator to deal with the debugging in the applications.
  • Drag and drop function makes it easy to edit the layout.
  • A feature-oriented editor with loads of complementary tools to shove your app development experience.
  • Lint tools, oriented to improve the performance, practicability, version compatibility, and other intricacies.
  • Build adaptable APKs for your Android with professional look and features. Have better control on app dependencies with Maven.
  • APKs can be framed either from the Studio directly to command-line interface.
  • Multiple templates are available to be appropriated when creating Android applications, such templates are specifically designed for Android apps.
  • Boasts Core coding, debugging, testing, compiling, and profiling tools.

In brief, Android Studio is a highly propitious Android development suite for the developers. Over and above the most outstanding fact about this program is that without charging its consumers a penny it is delivering with the top-notch services for the development of next-level Android Applications

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